Inspector Crikey Toyland Crime Files

Issue 1: Five Filthy Forthright Cases !

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28 pages B&W published 1993 by Tom Priestley


The Rigorous Rodgering of Raggedy Anne
Raggedy Anne has been interfered with while drunk out on an otherwise droll Monday night in Toytown, and Inspector Crikey is left with this case in his lap. This story was later made into a short film in 1999 and made available on the Inspector Crikey VCD.
The Eepsorcist
Humpty Dumpty has been found dead at the bottom of a stairway in Prospect Street, and Inspector Crikey concludes that he fell from the bedroom window of a small girl possessed by an evil yobbo spirit. This story was made into a short film in 1999 and released on the Inspector Crikey VCD.

Do Androids Dream of EEP?

Inspector Crikey faces the return of some old foes that he was sent to exterminate in the old days. Bumnivores are evil yuppies that had their internal organs turned upside down at birth, making them the most intolerable, bad breathed gits you could ever meet. This story was made into a short film in 2000 and released on the Inspector Crikey VCD.
Old Kind Cole was a Merry Arsehole
A serial killer praying on gollywog girls is terrorizing Toytown, but Old King Cole decides to throw his annual Policeman's Ball regardless.
Babes in Toyland
An unidentified murdered plant is found in an alley way next to the brothel in 10th avenue. Inspector Crikey interrogates the madam of the establishment to get to the bottom of this sordid case.

Warning: pretty much Adults Only stuff, ...not that bad really... just don't show your mum !

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