Inspector Crikey Toyland Crime Files

Issue 3: Guess Who's Coming to Din-Dins?

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32 pages B&W published 1994 by Tom Priestley


Encounter at Farpoint

Inspector Crikey is abducted by sexually bizarre aliens while camping with the police boys club. This story is the original basis for the Off Planet short film Heads or Tales ?
The Island of Doctor Porno
When Inspector Crikey's entire collection of confiscated pornographic material is stolen by the police boys club, the entire police force follows the trail to the mysterious DR Porno.
A Japanese Werewolf in Toytown
When Peter Pan is found stabbed to death in his hotel room, Inspector Crikey investigates with the aid of his Japanese equivalent (Foo-Man Clikey) and the noble Father Rice.
Doctor Dog's Dinosaur Theory
DR Dog demonstrates to the police force how the dinosaurs became extinct through excessive comic-book reading.
There's More Than One Way to Milk a Cow
When a local farmer is charged with sexually molesting an automatic milking machine, things turn ugly, ...and supernatural.
Warning: pretty much Adults Only stuff, ...not that bad really... just don't show your mum !
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