Tales Too Twisted Too Tell

Issue 1:

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28 pages B&W published 1993


The Rigorous Rape of Raggedy Anne
Raggedy Anne has been interfered with while drunk out on an otherwise droll Monday night in Toytown, and Inspector Crikey is left with this case in his lap. This story was later made into a short film in 1999 and made available on the Inspector Crikey VCD.
Father Rice : Fearless Vampire Killer
Father Rice discovers that naked nuns trapped in forests aren't necessarily batting for the right team.
The Insult That Made A Queer Out Of Mac
A transsexual parody on the infamous Charles Atlas comic adverts of the mid 20th Century. This story was later made into a short film in 2002 & available on the Off Planet DVD.
Solitary Extraction
Frank works as a guard at a Solitary Extraction center, a prison where criminal brains are kept alive as punishment. When Frank finds himself incarcerated by accident, he finds the outcome surprisingly pleasurable. His return to the real world creates even more complications. This story was made into a short film in 2002 and released on the Inspector Crikey VCD.
Slash Boredom Meets the Fantastic 4 Skins !
The title says it all....!!!
WARNING: Adults Only... well,... not really that bad... just don't show your mum !

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