Tales Too Twisted Too Tell

Issue 3: Off Janet's New Management

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28 page B&W published in 1994

Twisted 3 was a controversial issue made during a bizarre crisis in 1994 where the Tasmanian Government refused to remove its anti-gay laws. This was a humorous legal standoff that resulted in some members of the Australian mainland gay population attempting to boycott Tasmanian products until the laws were removed. As a joke on the whole thing, we decided to dedicate the entire issue 3 of TTTTT to a satirical exaggeration of the mainland's view of homophobic Tasmanians. Sadly, this issue was seen as anti-gay, and was whisked off the shelves in underground shops in Sydney once someone complained. Its a comic guys. Its a Joke, and always was & always will be.

WARNING : Adults Only ...... well.... not too bad... then again...

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