Tales Too Twisted Too Tell


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28 pages B&W published 1995


Virtual Unreality
A norty Doctor rigs a scam to get into an assistants undies. This story was made into a short film in 2002 and now available on The Off Planet DVD.
Father Rice: Hell Hath No Fury
Father Rice Vs a Nagging Woman. God help us all.
Inspector Crikey: I Dream Of Creamie
When an Arab's lost genie bottle is found inserted in a bogan boys bottom, all hell breaks loose.
Spiritual Gifts
By guest artist Peter W Allen.
SHOE: The Last Temptation of Christ
A one panel norty partially blasphemous joke.
Father Rice: A Tale of Two Wankers
Father Rice has a sticky encounter in the park with some trailer-trash scum. By Bill Flowers & Q-ray.
WARNING : Adults Only... not really that bad, but don't show your mummy !

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