Inspector Crikey Toyland Crime Files

Issue 2: Honk Your Horn If You Love Crikey

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28 pages B&W published 1993 by Tom Priestley


The Sleeping Fugly

Inspector Crikey is called to a personal case when his ex-wife is sexually assaulted with half a gallon of liquid paper.
Genesis of the Bumnivores
The bumnivores of Issue 1 return and Inspector Crikey comes face to face with their supreme leader.
Silence of the Bison
Toytown Police are under threat by a serial cop killer who removes skin shapes from his victims for unknown reasons. Panic ensues when Inspector Crikey himself goes missing.
Basic Armpit
When an accused rape defendant claims he was forced to commit the crime by the powerful influence of a film showing in Toyland Cinema's, the entire police force decide to view the film for themselves.
WARNING : Adults Only.. well... not too bad, but don't show your mum !

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